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Affordable Industrial Gases & Gas Cylinders

Welding Tools - Gas Cylinders

Lake Welding Supplies, Inc., of South Florida, offers a diverse selection of industrial gases and gas cylinders to help fuel your equipment. Available gases include:


• Oxygen
• Nitrogen
• Argon
• CO2
• Argon CO2 Mix

• Helium
• Propane
• Acetylene
• Medical Gases


Gas Cylinders

We refill and rehab cylinders on site. Our experts also hydro-test cylinders to maintain DOT safety standards. New cylinders can be purchased at our retail locations.


• Gas Apparatuses
• Cutting Torches
• Regulators

• Circle Burners
• Flow Meters
• Oxy/Fuel Hoses
• Tips
• Rebuild Torch & Regulators





Contact us at (888) 797-1005 in Belle Glade, Florida, to have our experts hydro-test your gas cylinders, ensuring they are up to code.